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Development, implementation of IT solutions

Development, integration and maintenance of IT systems to boost business value for corporate and individual companies. We help identify essential business needs and implement them in personalized IT solutions with customized integrations for automating and controlling your business processes.

Development of security solutions

Installation and maintenance of security systems, development of security solutions for low current network and equipment.

Software development

We provide software development and adaptation to our customer's needs.

IT services outsourcing

We provide maintenance of computer hardware and standard software, maintenance of computer equipment and computer systems, their components and servers, as well as on-site and remote user support.

IT audit
IT audit
Urban pollution monitoring

We provide full-service air quality monitoring using our portable air pollution sensor system able to detect emissions of volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, styrene, hydrogen sulphide, xylene, domestic combustion products, and specific compounds the emissions of which are related to activities in repair works (i.e., welding, cleaning of equipment).

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